How do 2-packs work?

2 Pack paints are so named because they come in two cans, they are mixed together and chemically react and harden, rather than drying by evaporation or air-curing like conventional paints. These paints are much more hardwearing, resistant, and longer lasting compared to conventional paints, but as a result they are more expensive.


Why is my paint coming off?  

There are a number of reasons your paint may be coming off – it may be incompatible with the paint underneath, there may be contamination on the surface, the surface may not have been suitably prepared for the paint – if this occurs, call Technical services who will be able to assist you.


Can I put an oil-based paint onto a water-based paint?

As a rule of thumb, don’t mix paint systems. Water-based should be used on top of water-based, and oil-based should be used on top of oil-based. There are a few exceptions, but these are stated on the product data sheets


My paint won't stir in?

Many of our Paints are thixotropic, meaning they are almost solid in the can but with stirring they do thin down and become a more liquid consistency.  With some paints it will require a bit more work to stir in than others, in which case you can ask your local decorating centre to pop them on the shaker. The only paint that can be shaken is Suregrip, which must be stirred by hand.


Why can’t I spray this product?

There are a few products that cannot be sprayed, these are because of aggregate particles – like the case of Suregrip. Or, the consistency and drying time will not give you a good finish when sprayed. If you are looking for a paint to spray, please give Technical Services a call, and we can help you find a suitable product.


Do I need a primer?

In most cases, yes. Primers help in 5 ways: 

1. They help create a bond between the top coat and the surface.

2. They help to prepare the surface by smoothing it, holding back surface contaminants – resin in timber or stains for example.

3. They prevent the topcoat sinking into the substrate.

4. They create a solid colour and surface to make the most out of your topcoat.

5. They Protect the substrate underneath, anticorrosives for example. If you are refreshing existing paint that is looking a little tired but is still sound, you can simply go over the existing paint, but in cases where you are dealing with a bare substrate, a stained surface or an unstable existing paint – it’s worth using a primer.


What is a PTV value?

PTV Stands for Pendulum test Value, its given when a pendulum is used to measure the COF (Coefficient of Friction) for a Surface This value represents how much friction a surface has when wet, dry or contaminated, and as a result, how slip resistant a surface is. A Number is give, which relates to the Slip resistance of the Floor, a value over 36 is considered a pass.


How many colours of Marine Gloss does Teamac offer?

There are 48 standard colours, but we can tint to RAL/BS/NCS colours.


How do I work out how much paint I need?

Calculate the surface area that youd like to cover, then divide that by the spreading rate of the paint – found on the Technical Data sheet. For example, a floor that is 2m by 10m would have a total surface area of 20sqm, The spreading rate of Suregrip is 10sqm/L 20sqm ÷ 10sqm/L = 2L so you will need 2L per coat.


When to immerse my boat after applying antifouling?

Teamac Antifouling (Protector, A Plus and D Plus) are designed to allow you to launch your boat from 8 hours to 3 months after application. However, you should not leave your painted boat in direct sunlight as this will affect the antifouling surface - it should be left under cover.


I don’t want to buy online. Can I buy from a shop?

Yes, we have stockists around the UK.  We recommend that you phone the stockist to make sure they have the product and colour you are looking for.


Do you have an Environmental Policy?

Yes we do. As part of our ISO 14001 accreditation, Teal & Mackrill Ltd (Teamac) have an environmental policy. If you wish to see this, please send us a message.


I’m not sure which paint to use, who can I ask?

Our Technical Services helpline is open during office hours. Call 01482 320194 and ask for Kathy or Frances in Technical Services.