Marine Paints

Teamac is one of the leading brands of marine paints and coatings. All manufactured in the UK (Yorkshire) by an independent company. Here, you'll find a wide range of marine paints such as: marine grade varnishes, topcoats, undercoats, primers, antifouling, deck paints, bilge paint and other marine coatings. The trusted choice for boat owners and marine enthusiasts

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Agricultural Paints

With over a century of expertise, Teamac offers an exceptional range of paints specifically formulated for agricultural applications. Our durable paints provide superior protection and aesthetic appeal, ensuring long-lasting results that reduce maintenance time and costs. Trust Teamac for reliable quality and performance on every project.

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Teamac is one of the UK's leading brands of Marine and Agricultural paints and coatings. The range of products includes exterior grade varnishes, industrial floor paints, undercoats, primers, protective topcoats, farm oxide and other specialist coatings.

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